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Upcoming Conventions

Foundation Gaming Convention
When: March 5-7 2004
Where: Okemos, MI

For more information see the Foundation Gaming Convention site.

Conventions We Attended

MI Con 2004
When: February 7, 2004
Where: Mount Pleasant, Michigan

This was a nice convention, a little small as conventions go but well-organized. Most people in attendance were there for roleplaying, LARP, CCGs and anime. Even so, we had our share of visitors throughout the day.

We had Chesstique and Piecepack on display, and both were well received. We even generated a mini-buzz by the end of the Con, with people coming to see our "unique" boardgames based on word of mouth.

We sold a few games, met some nice people and at the end of the day we got to go home. All in all a pretty good way to spend a Saturday.

Gen Con Game Fair 2001
When: August 2-5, 2001
Where: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We ran 3 events at Gen Con featuring our game Chesstique. We had a pretty good turn out (especially considering the 8AM time slot, ouch!). Thanks to all who attended and gave us a lot of constructive feedback. We used our experiences at Gen Con to enhance chesstique, and it is now in final playtesting. Hopefully the commercial release won't be too far off.

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