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Chesstique Updated

We have updated Chesstique and it is once again available for purchase. The original sets had plain wooden cubes with images stamped on the sides in various colors. This made it difficult to tell the pieces apart, especially with the blank side up. We have replaced these with wooden pieces painted one of the 6 colors, with black images printed over the paint. This makes it much easier to scan the field and see which pieces belong to which players. See the Chesstique page for more information and a picture of the updated pieces.

Now available: Tapestry

Our newest offering contains a beautiful set of wooden pieces which can be used to play three separate abstract strategy games for 2 or 4 players. Much more information can be found on the Tapestry product page.

Design Contest

Mesomorph Games is sponsoring a design contest to promote the development of rule sets that incorporate the unique features of our two piecepack expansion sets. Please see the design contest page for more information.

Pawn and Saucers

Pawns and pawn saucers can now be purchased separately from the piecepack product page. They are availabe in groups of 4, corresponding to each of the available piecepack sets.

Chesstique Released (January 2004)

Chesstique is a strategy game for 2-6 players, based in part on Chess but incorporating mechanics and strategies that are new and unique. Chesstique is easy to learn and fun to play, and is accessible to players of almost any age and skill level.

See the Chesstique product page for more information.

Piecepack 3rd Edition Released (January 2004)

We are proud to announce the availability of the 3rd edition of the Mesomorph Games Piecepack. Our new clear-coat finish doesn't yellow as it ages. New multi-function pawn saucers can be used to add direction to pawns or as extra pieces on their own. New VHS case packaging is more sturdy and allows for easy storage flat or upright. For more information on all of our piecepack products, see the Piecepack product page.

2 Piecepack Expansions Released (January 2004)

Both expansions share all the great features of the 3rd edition piecepack, but with new suits and colors to expand the possibilities for your piecepack.

Piecpeack 4 Seasons Expansion™ - This expansion adds four new suits to piecepack, based on the four seasons: Winter (white snowflake), Spring (light blue flower), Summer (purple fish), and Fall (orange leaf).

Piecepack Playing Cards Expansion™ - This expansion adds four new suits to piecepack, based on colors and suits of a standard playing card deck: black clubs, red diamonds, red hearts and black spades.

For more information on all of our piecepack products, see the Piecepack product page.

Piecepack Rules CD-ROM Available (April 2002)

All piecepacks now come with a CD-ROM containing all the games available at The CD-ROM may also be purchased separately. See the Piecepack product page for more information.

2nd Edition Piecepack is here! (October 18 2001)

The 2nd Edition of our piecepack game system is now available. This versitile, expandable game system has been updated with more rules and new packaging.

Piecepack Reviewed (July 2001)

Mik Svellov has posted a very thorough review of the Mesomorph Games piecepack on Brett & Board. The entry includes an overview of the piecepack, along with descriptions and pictures of each of the 7 rule sets in the first edition of the rules.

Mesomorph Games open for business! (June 2001)

With the commercial release of the Mesomorph Games Piecepack, the Mesomorph Games website is officially open for business! site opens (June 2001) is a website devoted to all things piecepack. It is a central repository of information about piecepack rule sets, piecepack related sites and anything else having to do with piecepacks. While we at Mesomorph Games are maintaining the site, anyone who sells piecepacks or creates rule sets will be promoted on

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